On ‘Very Disagreeable’

When having battles of wits on the Internet, anime critics often have to confront moves they are simply unprepared for. As absurd as the opponent’s arguments may seem, the lack of experience with a specific situation may cause even a skilled debater’s demise on the battlefield. Thankfully, when in such predicaments, ‘Very Disagreeable’ will help you fight back.

This blog is a selection of writings about anime, but not of reviews. This is where the authors archive essays and arguments you may (or may not) need in future debates, on subjects you might or mightn’t find interesting. Another of the central topics will be a collection of humble opinions and advices on the topic of writing reviews, in both style and content. In short, this blog will discuss discussing anime, and will review anime reviewing. When the author isn’t slacking off.

On the slacker

Although I am a very slow writer, I hope my occasional blocks of prose will pique your interest. Alongside this blog, I also critique anime and manga on MyAnimeList and can be contacted on rizon as lpf.


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